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“OVER” is the latest track to drop from Toronto Rap & RnB artist PLAZA, debuting in February of 2017. With PLAZA being a lesser known Toronto artist, this one might have flown over the heads of several RnB lovers – but true aficionados won’t sleep on this one.

The song is a slow and somber tune, with the extended opening lyric being a foreshadowing to the dark undertones throughout the song. The opening is followed by an explosive chorus accompanied by low synth and heavy bass-line that really sets the tone for the rest of the song, and provides a nice “Pop!” to the sound. The subtle harmonization is a nice touch, and contrasts the differences between the falsetto in the singer’s voice and the deep melodic notes without distracting from the main point.

Moving to the first verse, we catch a glimpse of the predicament that troubles the singer; having to decide between continuing the “relationship” that threatens to halt his progression to the top, or cutting off the girl who brings out a dangerous lust whenever they meet. In the second verse, the singer recognizes his lover’s dependence on drugs and alcohol to become sociable enough to reignite their relationship’s spark. He finds himself in a bind when his weakness to stay together with her is combating his need to become independent and separate. The singer implores her to bury whatever feelings she still has between them, claiming that “this” night should be the last, lest they forget their dangerous attraction to each other.

I recommend this track for those cruising the streets late at night, contemplating whether the love you have for your significant other, while seeming sweet on the outside, is worth the pain of their poison. Letting go of those who bring you down can be difficult, but it’s necessary to grow as an individual. PLAZA perfectly captures the feeling of being stuck in the middle, debating if the choice you made was the right one.


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