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Peter $un supporting Felly & Gyyps on the East Coast Run. #7thKingTour. Show dates & ticket info:

The Yale Broadcasting Company, Inc. is WYBC Yale Radio, a legion of students armed to protect and defend the cultural voice of Yale. For over 70 years, WYBC has been a staple among campus extracurriculars, providing a voice for Yale students and fomenting solidarity through diversity in the New Haven community. While our operating frequencies have changed over time, our air product is consistently renowned, striking a balance between challenging content and polished delivery. Our three stations are WYBCX, 94.3 WYBC-FM, and 1340 WYBC-AM. WYBCX is our latest offering: a bold, Internet-only, FCC-free 24-hour station available at and dedicated to the community at Yale and New Haven. 94.3 WYBC-FM is our professional R&B hits and oldies station, focused on New Haven and programmed for the community. It has consistently ranked among the top radio stations in the New Haven area. 1340 WYBC-AM formerly broadcasted an automated, eclectic mix of contemporary hits, but is now leased out to WSHU Sacred Heart as a new Public Radio affiliate.

Peter $un

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