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Jerry Folk

Jerry Folk Remix Playlist

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, this musician’s electronic vibe is funky and fresh. Gerard Taylor, known as Jerry Folk in the music scene, continuously creates infectious sounds unlike any other. His beats will make you dance all day, no matter how much you love or hate EDM.

The remixed track Lose It blew me away a few weeks ago and has been on repeat ever since. No matter what kind of genre you enjoy or mood you are in, do not skip past this positive vibe-inducing artist’s sounds.

He says his genre is “an electronic mixture of whatever inspires me” and I am in love with what he has produced so far. With 76,000 followers on SoundCloud, this international artist is only just beginning. Hop on his bandwagon soon, because this man is going places.

Just two months ago, Majestic Casual posted a video of Jerry Folk’s song To My Soul. According to Majestic Casual’s YouTube page, the brand “represents the best of electronic music, deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and many more. It's part of the majestic brand which is based in Stuttgart, Germany and was established in the year 2011 as one of the first audiovisual music blogs on YouTube.” I am inclined to agree that Jerry Folk also represents the best.

Do not forget to check out this rising star!

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