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Miles Davis

Miles Davis is a legendary trumpeter and bandleader, explorer of unknown musical paths and enduring icon of hip who would be celebrating his 90th birthday this year had he not departed in 1991. Yet by all measure his sound and stature is more alive than ever. Over six full decades, from his arrival on the national scene in 1945 until his death in 1991, Miles Davis made music that grew from an uncanny talent to hear the future and a headstrong desire to play it. From his beginnings in the circle of modern jazz, he came to intuit new worlds of sound and challenge. While the vast majority of musicians – jazz, rock, R&B, otherwise – find the experimental charge and imperviousness of youth eventually running down, Miles forever forged ahead, trusting and following instinct until the end. In doing so, Miles became the standard bearer for successive generations of musicians, shaped the course of modern improvisational music more than a half-dozen times.

For more music and information visit Miles Davis' website.

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