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Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere

Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere

Madeintyo, short for "Made in Tokyo,".

Although he only has one EP and a few videos to his name. While you thought being an Atlanta rapper would mean being hard or talking about drugs and money $$. This Atlanta rapper has a different sound due to him spending his formative years in Japan inspired Madeintyo in more than just his name. His style is more playful and breezy than we usually hear out of Atlanta. He's a modest rapper—the closest he gets to talking himself up is his EP's stand-out track, "Uber Everywhere," and even then he seems like he might rather walk if prices are surging.

Twitter - @MDNTOKYO

Soundcloud - @MadeinTyo

#HipHop #Madeintyo #home

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