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2016 Upcoming Artist: Taylor Bennett

The clever Chicago artist known as Taylor Bennett is much more than Chance the Rapper’s younger brother. This bright MC has a new age sound all his own, a beautiful mix of unique and familiar – with fellow Chicagoan Twista being a major influence. Both Taylor and Chance have innovative flow, but one way the younger sibling sets himself apart is by picking up the pace in his rhymes. The faster rapping on certain tracks accentuates the trippy and eccentric vibes given from the songs perfectly, as well as the use of distinctive instruments like the trumpet, keyboard, and triangle, among other sounds within grandiose production.

His style is similar to his brother’s, but to long time Chance fans the distinctness of their voices is brilliant and just subtle enough to allow you to enjoy the song as it unfolds and not have to try and decipher who is rapping. The two artists have broken out of the violent Chicago rap scene and brought back the more jazzy and soulful sound originally known for, a feat that is elevating music as a whole. Chance has supported Taylor from the beginning, but he wanted him to mature as an artist solo before they worked together. You can see how well that separation did for them; it allowed Taylor to claim his own distinct and creative sound, then come back and rap with his most prominent influence - his own fam. While you can clearly hear (and see) the shared genetics, Taylor has done well making a name for himself independently.

“Broad Shoulders” is this emerging artist’s first official album, and it debuts a lovely collaborated song with his brother at the end of the journey the tracks take you on. This album is a reminder that you are not listening to mainstream music; it is a pure unassisted artist and his vision coming to life through music, with the help of his producer LudLow. The album features collaborations with Donnie Trumpet, Joey Purp, King Louie, and many more.

Instagram: taylorbennettraps




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