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Inertia - The Process (New LP)

(Click On The Cover To Listen)

Alternative rock band Inertia are showing off their native California roots in their new LP, “The Process,” out today. In 12 songs, the band explores a wide range of lyrical content, including narratives about growing up and standing tall in front of your own personal demons. Adapting an alt rock sound, the band also includes strong influences from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, while also maintaining emotive clean vocals throughout the record. There are small senses of metal influences included as well, but Inertia keeps those to a minimum while still demonstrating a fierce and powerful, unique sound. About the album, the band states:

“The entire album is a concept piece on growing up and becoming an adult. We spread a message of positivity through active rock music.”

Inertia is an all-American alternative rock band with extreme metal roots. The band was formed to create a new flavor of sound found absent in their local rock music scene. After originally having screams and unclean vocals in the music, the band decided to move away from a style they started out with and maintain an all-clean vocal style. Inertia specifically set out for a sound that contains elements of alternative rock while still having a raw sound that nods to their extreme metal roots. With influences like Thrice, Bring Me The Horizon, Circa Survive, and more, Inertia is poised to bring a big sound to the rock music scene and aims to start touring regularly on a national level. As an up and coming DIY band, it is through sheer perseverance and the will to create that will take Inertia from the humble beginnings of Bakersfield, California to new heights.

Inertia - The Run (Lyric Video)


Twitter: @inertiarockband

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