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HOLDN - Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover)

HOLDN - Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover)

NJ/NY | MAY 5TH, 2017 - Just shortly after revealing her brand new artistic alter ego, dark pop artist HOLDN has released a cover video of “Are You That Somebody,” originally by Aaliyah. HOLDN’s previous release, her debut single, “BURN,” showcased a mysteriously infectious infectious, yet smooth synth-pop sound. The ultimate visionary, she provides listeners with an immediate image for the cover in her rawest form, a music video that gives a small taste of real-life Gina Petro’s innovative alter ego. An alternative rock veteran, HOLDN is no stranger to stepping on to the stage and giving her audiences a place to feel safe in being who they are and giving them an electric, interactive performance that keeps her fans coming back for more. About finding inspiration, HOLDN states:

“I’ve been kicked when I’m down over and over again more than I’d like to admit while trying to create and make my first step back into music. This writing process allowed me to channel all of the inspiration I’ve gained from being suppressed, silenced, talked down to, denied, and disrespected. Negativity was spinning around in my head, so I spun it into songs that will make any guilty conscience question whether or not I wrote about them. This is my safe place within an unsafe place where everyone is looking to take what they can from you and run away with it, but I hope to provide an unconditional safe place for others to turn to within my music.”

New York City’s own self-proclaimed ‘rhythmic disciple’, HOLDN has made quite the arrival upon her first step into pop music with her debut single, ‘BURN’. She brings a full plate of emotion and honesty with a sharp-toothed side of unapologetic wit to the pop table, while graciously luring you in with her mysterious aesthetic and soulful, yet haunting, melodies. Hailing from the alt-rock world, she has previously stepped into the spotlight at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour & Skate and Surf Festival and onto stages across the country including Webster Hall, Starland Ballroom, and many more. She is tasteful, yet daring; but also shockingly enough, HOLDN is an ‘alter ego’ who just so happens to be herself in its most revealing form.


Twitter/Instagram: @sheisHOLDN

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