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Dreamer & Son

Self proclaimed “dream rock” quartet Dreamer & Son formed in Boston, Massachusetts at the beginning of 2015. The group was originally a live band to support frontman Sayak Das’ solo projects. Under a slightly different name, Das released one-man band YouTube covers in which he played each instrument. After very minor success, he decided that he wanted to perform some of his originals live. Being a student at the Berklee College of Music, he enlisted the help of a few different people that he had crossed paths with. Josh Parra (drums) was an older student that had asked Das to fill-in on keys for his band at the time. Parra ended up being the first person that Das approached about playing live. Matt Bolton (guitars) was in one of Das’ classes and coincidentally Parra’s roommate. He became the second member approached with the idea of performing. Jake Sierzega (bass) was approached after Das and Parra saw him perform with a local pop-punk band. Jonathan Schwartz (aux percussion) was also asked to perform for the first couple of shows but ended up pursuing different endeavors altogether. The ragtag group performed one show together and instantly fell in love. The newly added live members quit their respective bands over a period of a few months and decided to pursue Dreamer & Son with all they had.

The name Dreamer & Son (an acronym of Das’ last name) came from a conversation Das had with his father right before he left for his first year of college. In it, Das’ father revealed that he had named his son after a theatre troupe. “I’ve always wanted you to perform.” This phrase stuck with Das as he started to weave his way into the music industry. Inevitably, it became the foundation for the themes and messages that Dreamer & Son promotes.

Dreamer & Son’s sound is a combination of dreamy textures and nostalgic vibes with punk rock roots. The group takes inspiration from bands such as Gates, The Dear Hunter, WALK THE MOON, The 1975, Young the Giant, etc. “Dream rock” is a term that the young quarter stumbled upon as they were searching for other genres to study. The ambience of their reverbed guitars combined with the steady thrashiness of their peak points makes for an odd yet satisfying product.

Catch them live!

4/7 – Reel Music Festival – Oshawa, ON

4/8 – Reel Music Festival – Oshawa, ON

plus more TBA!

Find Dreamer & Son Online:

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