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A great sound from this New Jersey girl, SØF comes across like a true form singer-songwriter but delivers a great deal of pop in her elevated style.” - Coming Up Magazine

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ | FEBRUARY 27, 2017 - After releasing her debut single “Ghosts” in January, indie pop artist SØF continues to reveal the many layers to her artistry through her brand new track, “Infinity”. Shedding away the initial mainstream pop persona of her younger career, SØF dives headfirst into a personal, yet relatable topic throughout “Infinity”: the relationships between love and existentialism. She plans to continue releasing a string of singles monthly throughout the first half of 2017, hoping to maintain a wave of momentum through her natural ability to write descriptive, personified indie-pop tracks. About the single, SØF states:

“In an effort to write a song that used a less conventional structure, I somehow managed to write one of my favorite songs to date. It explores the concepts of romance and existentialism- two things that are not often grouped together- and tries to combine them in a hopeful and optimistic way. As someone who does not believe in an afterlife, especially one where lovers can be reunited, Infinity was written as an expression of my ultimate fantasy- to have a love completely uninterrupted by time and space.”

SØF is a sassy, spunky and unapologetic indie-pop artist with a flair for fast-singing and rapping. Seamlessly weaving between genres by incorporating elements that she's inspired by, SØF has a knack for being eclectic and exceptionally unique. While her onstage persona may be cheeky, SØF is personable and sweet with a passion for philanthropy and giving back. Her soulful vocals combined with her catchy pop hooks and bold lyrics make her a musical force to be reckoned with. “Infinity” is available NOW.

To stay connected with SØF, visit the social media links below:

SØF: “Ghosts”

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