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Denny White

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Denny White released his brand new single “Traces” via Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. The single was written and produced by Denny and is the followup to previously released “Psycho” and “Sweetness”, which garnered a collective 200K plays on Soundcloud and 1.6M plays on Spotify. Denny has been featured on Idolator, Indie Shuffle, Future Classics, The 405 and most recently Kick Kick Snare, Wonky Sensitive and Hillydilly. “Traces” reflects on how “regardless of who you are, we all share the common bond of being shaped by the many relationships in our lives, for better or worse. Some people leave nasty scars, and others leave meaningful marks. If you’re lucky enough, someone will leave one that changes you for a lifetime.” Denny goes on to state how “‘Traces’ is about that person for me.” Take a listen to “Traces” and stay tuned for more from Denny White!

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