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William Michael Morgan

WILLIAM MICHAEL MORGAN “He is seriously one of the very best singers I have ever recorded”…”a jaw dropping experience,” boasts Scott Hendricks, Executive Vice President of A&R at Warner Music Nashville about newcomer William Michael Morgan, a 22-year-old from Vicksburg, Mississippi. His “voice resonates with the flawless timbre of someone who has been singing country music for decades beyond his years “ – from Pandora’s “Artists to Watch in 2016. This tall young gent who always sports a cowboy hat credits traditional artists, like George Jones and Merle Haggard, as having influenced him from an early age. His love of music with a more traditional sound drove him to start a small band in the ninth grade with middle-aged musicians who shared his appreciation for that old school country. At eighteen, Morgan moved to Nashville and signed his first record and publishing deals by the ripe age of 19. He likes songs that have lyrics that really hit home, and he tries to put as much heart into them as he can. His new single, “I Met a Girl,” is a great example of how Morgan’s voice takes the listeners today to somewhere timeless. LINKS: For more music and information visit William Michael Morgan’s website. William Michael Morgan - I Met A Girl (Official Video) Twitter: Instagram: William Michael Morgan Hometown: Vicksburg, Mississippi Current Single: "I Met A Girl"

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