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What's The Buzz About Russ?

The Atlanta rapper, singer, and producer ended 2015 with a bang. In 2016, he is continuing to flip the music scene in Georgia on its head. He produces all his own music and is known to release tracks sporadically, making his career an exciting one to follow. He is back in the music game after a short hiatus, giving us Lost a little over one week ago.

Your Favorite Rapper, released 11 months ago, was the first song I ever heard from this

talented artist. It quickly became my go-to car song (I recommend you try it to) with his smooth vocals and relaxing beat.

I was pulled back in again less than a month ago with the premiere of Yung God. The Akon x Eminem-sounding mash up struck me the second the song started, but Russ put his own spin on the quirky track.

Missing this artist is a mistake. Check out Russ!

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