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Sherman Ewing - better known as Sherm - is an insanely talented and underappreciated artist you did not know you needed to check out. His first track Cinnamon was released on SoundCloud just 11 months ago (back when his follower count was about three people) and since then he has released five other songs, including one produced by Felly.

His talent is unprecedented, partially making up for having only released six songs so far after opting to prioritize his studies. The few tracks he has released are jazzy, fluid, and unimaginably clever. His unique style is quite refreshing and the young artists’ obvious passion for music shines through in his lyrics and flow.

When asked who (or what) influences his music, Sherm took the time to recognize Sade and Sinatra outside the hip hop genre, as well as YGTUT, Anderson Paak, Jay Ant, and McCASLIN – his roommate at university.

While he is currently focusing on academics until graduation, when summer hits he plans to prioritize his music and even entertained the idea of dropping a few tracks he has been sitting on (more to come soon on this).

To end the interview, I wanted to know what this rising star hoped to achieve with his music.

“Out of hip hop I really desire to bring people a combination of happiness, awareness, emotion, and togetherness and a sense of inspiration that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I don’t really have a desire to be wealthy and famous, I just love to create and it makes me happy so I’m rollin’ with it,” Sherm said.

Although Sherm has been on the music scene for almost three years, his most popular track is barely at 1,500 likes. This is your chance to discover an artist before he eventually blows up because with the talent he has, it won’t be long.

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