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Tim Aspen ft Peter $un

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Tim Aspan is a textbook bedroom producer. the 16-year-old from outside Chicago, describes his creative environment as “his laptop and a couch”. His passion for music was sparked in second grade when he claims to have bought a guitar purely to learn the solo from “Goofy Goober Rock,” a track featured in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, a mission he still jokingly wishes to accomplish. He began producing in the 8th grade, learning the in’s and out’s of Ableton because the demo version he had at the time forced him to recreate his works whenever he exited the program. Drawing from genres ranging from R&B to future bass, Tim is quickly formulating a distinct sound. This style is encapsulated in his latest track “smells like sunflowers” with vocalist Peter $un, the first in a series of uploads that showcase his abilities to be released in the near future. Sample credits are to Daniel Caesar on "Chevalier" and mastering was done by Blake La Grange.

Tim Aspen

Peter $un

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