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Hip Hop Projects That Shouldn't Be Forgotten in 2016 - #7

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - "Surf"

When Chance The Rapper first broke onto the scene with “Acid Rap”, critics and fans alike hailed the quirky and infectious MC as part of Chicago’s growing influence and a leading candidate for most promising rookie of the year. No one could have expected the surge of popularity and musical renaissance that came shortly afterward - no one but Chance.

With the release of “Surf”, (which is available completely free of charge, via iTunes) Chance finds himself in the present-day unmethodical position of rapper-turned-band member. Alongside Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontail, Greg Landfair Jr, and frequent producer Nate Fox, there are plenty of moments where “Surf” could, and should be a failure - yet the albums most magical moments come when each individual rises to the occasion, time after time, to create miraculous melodies by coming together as one cohesive and addicting sound. A variety of guest features also join the party throughout the album, from J. Cole, BJ The Chicago Kid, Erykah Badu, and plenty more. Perhaps providing the most introspective and uplifting aesthetic in 2015, we’d have to say “The Social Experiment” was a resounding success.

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