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2016 Up and Coming Artists: Healy

This is one Memphis-based artist you need to hear this year. Tennessee talent Healy came onto the music scene about six months ago, debuting his first single track $150 / roll widdit on SoundCloud, a online music platform. For half a year on the scene, he has done pretty well for himself as far as his music goes. His acoustic-rap sounds - breaking from the artists who only sing cover songs – are fresh, original, and infused with good vibes. While his songs get anywhere from 300 to 112,000 likes for each song posted, after hearing what healy has to offer you will agree even more people should hear his sound.

Healy’s music appears heavily influenced by Chicago-based artist Chance the Rapper, yet the young musician finds a way to thrive using his own style and sound.While acoustic-rap is not considered a genre in the music world just yet, there is no doubt a rising star is amongst us.

The premier pick is also the premiere track healy added to SoundCloud only six months ago. It is by far my favorite song on his page, but do not let that cloud his other tracks. The beat is ethereal and his voice is truly a treat to listen to. $150 / Roll Widdit {prod. PLC}

The second pick is a powerful piano piece featuring 20-year-old Los Angeles rapper Felly. The talented duo commits to their verses and exhibits great collaboration as they create a unique lyrical gem. LFTM (feat. Felly)

The third pick is not to be confused with the album he released on SoundCloud with the same title (you should check that one out too!). With its smooth beats, the song brings you on a journey as healy transitions between rap and spoken word seamlessly. A Galaxy With Skin {prod. Definition}

The last but not least pick is a rainy day tune I came across on a playlist from bennettc’s page. While you can listen to it any night of the week, this song takes you to a place of relaxation and solitude, making it a lovely listen in the car. Now it is time for you to experience this week’s top picks for up-and-coming artist Healy, enjoy! Saturday Blues (despicable me) {prod. Chris McClenney }


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