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Musical Enigma Jacob Collier

You will not be able to stop listening to this phenomenal musician.

If you have not heard of Jacob Collier, stop what you are doing and go to his website right now. This kid is beyond exceptional. Based in London, UK, Collier has been on the radar since his first YouTube video was uploaded in December 2011. The unique presentation of his music is what makes him different than any other artist out there, which is something that has been lacking from the mainstream music industry recently. His videos are multi-dimensional, but Collier is in control of every single aspect – arrangement, performance, production, film, and editing.

His music is unlike anything I have ever heard, and it truly brings you to a different place. Elements of A cappella, Jazz, Trip-hop, Folk, Gospel, and more shine through in his trademark videos, with others musical influences also present. Internationally, this musician is a star. He even has famous fans such as Chick Corea, Quincy Jones, Take 6, and Herbie Hancock from the elite Jazz community!

If you are one of those people who sticks to the same genre and rarely listens to music outside of it, break the spell for this musician and you will not regret it. He was dubbed “Jazz’s new messiah” by The Guardian and - if you need another reason - Collier arranged and recorded a song that was used in Beats by Dre’s Ruby World Cup “The Game Starts Here” campaign, so he must be cool.

Right now Collier is working on his self-produced debut album, which is to be released some time this year. Until then, check this young talent out on YouTube.

Link to website

Link to song used in Beats by Dre campaign

Link to YouTube channel


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